Life is a journey, full of a combination of challenges and joys.  These challenging moments provide the greatest opportunities for growth.  It is during these times that a counselor can walk with you along the way, giving you insight and perspective in order to facilitate growth and healing in the midst of pain and confusion.
Well Way Counseling is dedicated to providing quality therapy by considering the "whole-being" in order to aid each client in reaching the highest state of "well-being" possible.
Client confidentiality is respected here. Unless you give your written consent or if information is shared that goes beyond the limits of confidentiality (eg. suicidality, homocidality), your privacy will be maintained. Further details regarding limits of confidentiality can be discussed prior to or during your initial session.  
Let our journey together begin!
"The right way to wholeness is made up of fateful detours and wrong turnings."
    -C.G. Jung
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